Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Another Frontend Boilerplate

Recently put together a frontend boilerplate with some latest 3rd party libraries makes into a checkout-and-ready-to-use boilerplate.  It has a configured built tool which you can use right away.  Also, it comes with a customize micro framework which you can take advantage of, but you can replace it with your own easily.

For more information, go to

Frontend Boilerplate

This frontend boilerplate includes a customized mirco framework that combines some of the latest frontend library in the market. It comes with Jasmine as testing framework, plus build tool and build config.

Libraries Included

  • Backbone ( amd )
  • Backbone Localstorage
  • Underscore ( amd )
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Require-jQuery
  • Text ( RequireJS Plugin )
  • Modernizr
  • HTML5 Bolierplate ( partial )

Monday, April 1, 2013

IE error on feeding array of HTML elements to jquery html()

I was debugging a seemingly simple issues in IE ( but it turns out could be an inconsistent in javascript implantation ), which unsurprisingly works in other browsers.  When I trace the error, it was coming from the jquery library, and in which there is a native function call fragment.append(elem)

And this is my guess - the implementation of append() in IE doesn't really support an array of elements. Maybe I'm wrong, please let me know if that's a wrong guess.

There are so many ways to fix it, but one simple way is do a 'join' on your array before feeding to the jquery html()  function to append stuff.