Monday, May 16, 2011

jQuery Plugin ( Recently Published )

I've published several jQuery plugin lately and let's share the links here :)

Simple Auto Complete
This  jQuery plug-in can auto-complete input text from data in the page. It can auto-complete the text entered in text input with text entries by searching in another given elements of the page. The search results can be cached to accelerate future searches.

Basic Slideshow
This object is a jQuery plugin for presenting a slide show of images. It can present a slide show made of images already present in the current Web page within given elements. The slide show image caption text is retrieved from a data attribute of each image. The page element where the slide show images will appear is also configurable. 

Flash Messages
This object is a jQuery plug-in that can be used to Flash page elements a number of times. It can make a given page elements appear and disappear a given number of times. The period of time during which the elements show up if configurable.

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