Saturday, September 10, 2011

Basic Linux commands for LAMP developer

Came across this blog recently, and found it's quite useful.  It covers some basic useful commands that a LAMP developer may need to use from day to day.

Besides the list above, let me include some of which I think all LAMP developer should have known.  [ Note:  I'm not including any advanced commands here, since this post is about basic only. ] 

wget - for retrieving stuff
scp - copy stuff in ssh way
scp fileA.tgz me@yourhostname:/path/you/want
rsync - it keeps an index of sync files which decrease the bandwidth usage when transferring ( yes, dump ftp )
rsync -avu  -e ssh ~/path/to/stuff me@hostname:/path/to/sync-with
top - check running process status, the basic usage is to check which process is taking the most memory, for example.

tar - backup by creating tarball, and you can use with other params to create tgz ( tar gzip ), for example.

alias - create alias for your commands, this will save you tons of time.

export - export a shell variables in your current session.

find - find files
find /mp3-folder -name 'Celio*' -and -size +10000k 

Please don't ask me why you don't see "mv, ls, rm, mkdir ... etc".  Those are not should know, those are MUST know for LAMP developer.

Please feel free to add (comment) what you think the basic commands that we all should know and is not listed above. 

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