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TSG Javascript Programming - Part I

TSG Javascript Programming - Part I

This class ( Part I ) does not requires any javascript background, but basic knowledge on HTML and CSS is preferred.

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$65 Dollars

Date & Time
Time will be 7:30 pm - 9:15 pm
  • 3/06/12 ~ Basic Introduction - Doing Javascript The Right Way
  • 3/13/12 ~ The Building Blocks of Javascript
  • 3/20/12 ~ Array and Functions
  • 3/27/12 ~ Creating Objects 
  • 4/03/12 ~ Document Object Model
  • 4/10/12 ~ Field Trip to HTML5 conference
  • 4/17/12 ~ DOM Interaction Hands on Session / Debugging Javascript

This JavaScript course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using JavaScript. It introduces participants to JavaScript and how the language can be used to turn static pages into dynamic, interactive Web pages.  Besides learning the syntax of the JavaScript language, other additional topics may include the Document Object Model, form validation, how to create functions, and how to create your own script files.  At the end of this class, participants will have the knowledge necessary to utilize the power of JavaScript to provide dynamic content on their Web sites.  We will reserve 30 minutes each class for hands on session, so please bring your laptop when you come to the class. [Note] Feel free to leave comments or send me email if you have any questions.  Thanks. 

[ Note ]
We don't have an assigned book in this class, but if you are new to javascript, I would recommend this one.
What's Next  (Future Classes)
For Javascript Programming Level II, here is the proposed schedule.
  • Javascript Events
  • Form Handling and Validation
  • Javascript Events II
  • JSON and Ajax
  • Javascript Animation
  • Introduction to JQuery

For Javascript Programming Level III, here is the proposed schedule.
  • Closures
  • Scopes and Prototypes
  • Javascript Object Oriented Programming
  • Javascript Design Pattern - Part I
  • Javascript Design Pattern - Part II
  • Introduction to Events Driven Development
There will be one more class as the last of this Javascript Programming Series.  Instead of calling it Javascript Programming Level IV, let's called that "Let's start your Javascript Ninja Road Trip".

Let's start your Javascript Ninja Road Trip, here is the proposed schedule
  • Common mistakes in Javascript development
  • Understand your Javascript Engine
  • Writing high Performance Javascript
  • Dive deeper into Events Driven Development
  • Introduction to Server Side Javascript and Persistent Layer using Javascript
  • Design your custom Javascript Framework

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