Thursday, June 28, 2012

RaspberryPi mouse and keyboard do not work after startx

Setting up my recently received RaspberryPi and everything seems fine, I can get the Pi working.  However, when I try to startx, my mouse and my keyboard doesn't response at all.  At first, I thought it might be the power drained is maxed out, but after several searches, looks like it is because my firmware is not updated.  However, updating Pi firmware is a pretty tedious task itself.  Let me documented my experience here and hopefully someone might be benefited from this post.

You need to download the rpi-update script
  • wget
Move the script to /usr/bin/rpi-update and run chmod +x /usr/bin/rpi-update

You need to do a update, since I'm using the Debian version, just run sudo apt-get update

Now you need to install ca-certificate
  • sudo apt-get install ca-certificates
Install git-core
  • sudo apt-get install git-core
Last, update your Pi firmware
  • sudo rpi-update
Reboot your Pi, and login.  Now try startx and your mouse and keyboard should response again, enjoy your Pi!


  1. Thank you. Worked like a charm.


  2. Apparently the missing file "" is not actually an error. It all worked fine, even with this error message.

  3. FYI, if you are using the latest Raspian Wheezy, everything will be solved automagically :)

    1. Actually, it won't. I am using the latest and having this issue too.

  4. Doesn't do it for me.

    Using a Logitech keyboard and mouse pad K400r. Cold install and mouse/kbrd are ok. Once I do a shutdown -r or -h there is no more mouse or keyboard response after the reboot.

    Same thing happens w. the raspbmc SD card.

    I am fed up w. re-installing every time I shut down the device.

    Any tips?



  5. That was pretty cool if it really works well. But, I guess we need to check first all the necessary information before getting this type of mouse and keyboard before it's tool late for your money to get lost.

  6. Just followed your instructions for my R PI 3 Raspbian. Solve the problem on non-working keyboard & mouse. Thank you very much.