Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CasperJS netsniff.js

Recently I was playing around with PhantomJS and like this testing framework a lot.  And then two days ago I saw in some forum posts that people recommended to use CasperJS ( built on top of PhantomJS ) which provide site navigation functionality. So I started playing around with CasperJS.

And then one day later, which is this morning, I was trying to think about using phantomJS netsniff.js script in CasperJS, and I google it like "How to use the phantomjs example netsniff.js inside casperjs", and there is not much results, all of them are talking about PhantomJS netsniff. Then I also search in the CasperJS google group and found that there some people actually are asking the same question.  Without finding any results further, I finally take the PhantomJS version and convert it for CasperJS.

Here is the github link:


Hope it helps those who have the same issue. Enjoy!

Note: I'm working on a customized version where you can generate har file when you navigate around the sites in your Casper tests.

Please leave me message if you have any comments.  Thanks!

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