Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google+ first hand experience

Google answers Facebook recently with her new toy - Google Plus.  However, to be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed by its first impression, it looks so plain and unattractive at the first sight.   Well, since it is still lack of user base, and thus it's too early to tell the future of the Google+.  Will that be just another Google Buzz hype?? Or will it be as successful as the other competitors?

The "up" side of Google+ is it ties with all your Google services at the very beginning, so you can access all other Google service pretty much as easy as having a piece of cake. It also comes with some features like "Hangover" and "Circle" which will give yourself more privacy.  "Hangover" is you can have up to 10 friends to have video chats together (something like Skype, I bet ? ); while "Circle" is to create your own group, for example, you can only make a post viewable by certain groups of people.

Here is one blogpost in ology has more in-depth analyse on this new toy  - http://www.ology.com/technology/google-plus-project-promises-make-web-more-social  

Here is a screenshot of Google Plus :

Note - One feature that I want to see in Google+ if possible
  • Can I change the theme or even better using html, css of my own to customize the UI?

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  1. I like how you've called Hangout, "Hangover". What did *you* do last night? ;-)