Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Random Thought about Christian Walk

One of the most single important things in Christian life is how we behave during the hard times.

We always think we knew a lot of stuff, but not until we have a test, we won’t know what we know and what we don’t know.  Same as in our Christian walk, we may think we are pretty good in our walks;  But not until we hit bumpers, we  won’t realize that there are still so many stuffs in our lives are not “pretty good” at all.

And God reveals our weakness through the test He gave us.  Let’s make it clear, He gave test that are good for us.  Haven’t you asked God to make you a better believers?  Haven’t you pray that God give you a servant heart??  Haven’t you asked God to give you more love??

Yes, now how about God answer your prayer and He gives you a test and reveal your weaknesses??  What would be your response??

  • A) Oh what??  How this can be happen to me ??
  • B) God,   I don’t know why this happen to me, but I know it has a meaning to me.

So, imagine you are now in mid-term test of a Maths Class.  Your end result shows that you are pretty weak in trigonometric.  What would you do next??  I bet you would go back and study more on that topic before the final comes.  So in this sense, the mid-term is a way to tell us what we need to improve.

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